More Open Ended Sales Questions

In last weeks post we gave you ’5 Different Open Ended Sales Questions’.
We had a couple of emails fired our way to see if we have any more questions.

So, by special request here are a few more for you to try out icon smile More Open Ended Sales Questions

1. Who will be the person(s) involved in making this decision?

Identifying the people who will be making the decisions will be key in determining who the sales person will need to contact.

2. What concerns does your company have?

Seeking to understand the concerns of the prospect is important in generating trust.

3. What kind of challenges is your company facing?

It is only after identifying a company’s or individual’s challenges that a sales person can explain how they can help meet or alleviate them.

4. What is your most important priority to you with this?

Understanding a prospect’s priorities will be crucial in understanding how to best go about meeting their needs and articulating the sales persons ability to do so.

5. What improvements would you like to see?

Identifying the desired improvements so that the salesperson can come up with a proposed method of meeting them, will be key in closing (or not) the sale.

6. How will you measure success in this area?

Understanding what a company is looking form in terms of measurable success will help a salesperson decide whether their product is a good fit and if they can deliver the desired outcomes.

Give them a try, and as always let us know how you get on, or maybe you have your own personal favourites that you’d like to share with us?

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